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Our Legal Firm Di Resta Lawyers deals with the resolution of legal matters for a branch of important international establishments and organisations. Our staff consists of high-qualified specialista with a great experience in  international law. Di Resta Lawyers is a member of some of the most important organizations and associations in Europe and worldwide, including the Italian Committee to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and other more sector-specific entities such as the European Privacy Center, to which it reguarly provides its opinion on draft laws and following consultations, also by participating in international conferences.

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About Us

Di Resta Lawyers through its founding partner and its senior professionals is a well-known member a number of recognised associations specialised in international trade amongst which, the International Chamber of Commerce, Italian Committee (ICC Italy) and other associations specialised in more specific sectors such as the European Privacy Centre (EPCE). Click here to know more in details about our services and our professionals. Click here to know in detail our services BrochureDirestalawyers2016, otherwise  Read more.

Picture of Fabio Di Resta
Attorney at law, Italy – LL.M.

Fabio Di Resta

Picture of Vincenzo Porcasi
Senior legal Consultant, Italy

Vincenzo Porcasi

The News

29. Feb

Released The Draft Adequacy Decision on Transatlantic Data Flows: Privacy Schield

The 2013 Communication by the European Commission is confirmed as the action plan to draft the Privacy Shield and the Umbrella Agreement. Here you can read all the legal texts released by the European Commission today: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-16-433_en.htm To read our previous comments on Privacy Shield, click here: http://www.direstalawyers.eu/en/2016/02/17/english-e-u-u-s-privacy-shield-still-self-certification-but-stronger-transparency-is-a-real-improvement-in-respect-of-safe-harbour-agreement/  
17. Feb

E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield: Still Self-Certification but Stronger Transparency Is a Real Improvement in respect of Safe Harbour Agreement

Fabio Di Resta - Attorney, LL.M., Founding partner at Di Resta Lawyers, Member of the Board of Directors at the Master Privacy at the “Roma Tre” University in Rome, Law Department As is well-known, on October 6 2015, the European Court of Justice with the judgment C-362/14 declared the decision n. 520/2000/EC of the European …