Our Law firm is located in Rome at Via A. Mordini No. 14 and in Latina, at Via Duca Del Mare No. 16. We deal with the resolution of legal matters throughout Italy and the world through our network of highly qualified professionals in Europe, especially in Germany and Spain.

Di Resta Lawyers is a member of some of the most important organizations and associations in Europe and worldwide, including  sector-specific entities such as the European Privacy Center, to which it regularly provides its opinion on draft laws and following public consultations, also by participating in international conferences.

Among the many services we provide to our clients, our main areas of specialisation are:  Information and Communication Technology Law, Privacy and Data Protection Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Business Contracts and Banking Law.

We provide an individualized approach to all matters in order to guarantee our clients’ interests. We offer Italian, English and Russian speaking clients high quality, specialised and friendly services be it in the form of litigation or legal advisory, in a broad range of legal subjects.

Lastly, in order to read more about publications, public speeches and the lectures of Fabio Di Resta, owner this law firm, you can see the following link: Publications and recent speeches.

Picture of Fabio Di Resta - Owner
Attorney at law, Italy – LL.M.

Fabio Di Resta - Owner

Lawyer, LL.M., ISO 27001 ICT Security Auditor, Lecturer at the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) High-Training Course at the Sapienza University of Rome, former Lecturer at the Master of "Roma Tre" University of Rome, President of the European Privacy Centre (EPCE)

Picture of Vincenzo Porcasi - Of Counsel
Expert in internationalisation, Italy

Vincenzo Porcasi - Of Counsel

International Business Contracts and Banking Law Expert, Law Professor on Internal Trade Law at the University Nicolò Cusano of Rome

Picture of Robert Cifù - Of Counsel
Attorney at law, Italy

Robert Cifù - Of Counsel

Lawyer, graduated in law in 2001 with a thesis in commercial law on "The reform of the extraordinary administration of Large Enterprises in Crisis" and since that date held successfully the professional activity.



Attorney at Law, Spain


Partner Bello, Gallardo, Bonequi y García, S.C. – Madrid