Information and Communication Technology Law

Intellectual property rights in the Internet domain, including websites, multimedia products, online services, software, electronic banking and financial services, digital distribution of protected works, assistance in information protection, information technology agreements.

We advise and support on all matters relevant to data protection laws, including:

  • electronic communication: internet issues (e-commerce, e-reputation, etc.) and regulatory advice;
  • Centralisation of IT infrastructures in companies and groups, e.g. the introduction of central personnel management tools and skills databases;
  • Integration of external service providers and outsourcing providers;
  • Promotion and establishment of customer relationship management systems and customer loyalty programmes;
  • Affiliate marketing, email retargeting, and other individualised methods for attracting existing customers and potential customers;
  • Rules on personal use of IT tools, especially email and the internet;
  • E-commerce;
  • dematerialisation: advanced electronic signature, archiving, legal analysis of all roles and responsibilities involved in carrying out this target.

We can help you deliver global strategies and objectives while steering you through a myriad of local differences which continue to complicate the data protection scenarios worldwide.


Data Protection Law

Our law firm assists its foreign clients with commercial interests in Italy and internationally by delivering integrated legal solutions, especially connected to Data Protection legislation. As a privacy consultant or external data protection officer, we guarantee comprehensive and qualified outsourcing service as follows:

  • Implementation of European and Domestic Law on company data protection compliance;
  • International data transfers: legal advices on various typs of instruments including consent, standard model clauses and Safe Harbor Agreement;
  • Intragroup data transfers, especially in matrix organisations nationally and internationally, legal advice on Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) including the management of public relationships with national DPAs in Europe;
  • Auditing of a company’s status quo in relation to data protection law and the design of software compliant with data protection nationally and internationally;
  • legal solutions on the mandatory law applicable to employees in respect of workplace surveillance;
  • Cloud computing solutions;
  • Development of new technologies in compliance with data protection law;
  • External Data Protection Officer services including contact points with the National Data Protection Authorities;
  • Litigation through highly qualified and specialised lawyers before serveral Courts of european countries.


Industrial Law

Registration and transfer of Italian and international trademarks and patents, trademark and patent litigation, technology licenses, franchising agreements, antidumping and customs duties, customs classification and customs entries, supervisions and documentation requirements, unfair competition and antitrust regulation in Italy and Europe. In particular, our professionals has worked on the registration of trademarkes at the US Patent Office (USPTO), at Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), at Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi (UIBM). Litigation through highly qualified and specialised lawyers before serveral Courts of european countries.


Entertainment, media law and copyright

In this sector, our professional has work on the protection of Films and television productions, co-production, distribution, sale and license agreements, foreign authors/actors in Italy, recording and music publishing, publishing agreements for print, multimedia and so on; registration of creative works in the Italian media operators registry (SIAE), software protection.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation between parties from countries with different legal systems, out-of-court settlements, international commercial arbitration, international arbitration investments, consumer relationships and class action lawsuits, consultancy on the performance of agreements contained in the mediation record.

Banking Law

Anatocism and usury rates, consultancy on local authorities financing, assistance with financing for the purchase of commercial properties in Italy and abroad, private banking and fiduciary activities.